About Us

Aims and Objectives

The British Sikh Report seeks to identify the needs and wants of the Sikh population in the UK. The aim is to have a report published each year that will form the basis for engagement with political and community leaders and help inspire Sikhs to get more involved in running and creating initiatives to cater for Sikhs in Britain. We encourage everyone to complete the questionnaire and encourage friends and family to also complete it.


BSR Team

The British Sikh Report team consists of academics as well as professionals including research analysts, lawyers, academics, social workers, senior consultants and managers. All the work that is being done is done on a seva basis, for the betterment of the Sikh community as a whole. If you would like to involved please do get in touch with us.


Supporters of BSR

The following organisations are helping to support the completion of the BSR questionnaire and the creation of the Sikh Report. If you are an organisation and you are helping to spread the word about the report then please let us know and we will include your name below.

Sikh Organisations:

  • City Sikhs
  • Akaal Channel


Costs to product report

The report takes approximately 500 man-hours to produce and launch would cost a minimum of £25,000 to produce if a company was commisioned to create the report. We are proud to have invested £150,000 into the British Sikh community to create 6 reports.